Rental terms

General terms and services

1. Facilities
Included in the price:
• Free delivery and collection in the whole island.
• All taxes (24% VAT and 0,5% local tax) for online reservations.
• Child seat free of charge, given that there is reservation and availability.
• For motorbikes and ATV’s oil for the fuel, helmets and top case or binding rubbers.
• Unlimited kilometres
• Road map, useful information
• Simple insurance (for material damages and bodily injuries) of third parties. In case of accident , the Lessee is charged with the damages of the leased vehicle and the cost of the days that it will take for the vehicle to be repaired.

2. Driver
Driver’s age The minimum age limit is 23 years for category S , 23 years for all category vehicles, except for categories D,E,F for which it is 25 years.
Driver’s license Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for countries not belonging to the EU), issued at least before 3 years for vehicle categories: D,E,F and for the rest categories a year ago at least.

3. Fuel
The vehicle shall be returned with the fuel level same as upon delivery. Otherwise, the Lessee shall be charged with the cost of missing fuel. There is no refund in the event of return of a vehicle with fuel level higher than its initial one.

4. Minimum Lease Term
One (1) day (24-hour day). Every additional hour is charged with 1/5 of the daily charge. Vehicle possession exceeding 3 hours shall be charged an additional day.

5. Extension or Shortening of Lease Term
The Lessee has the right to extend the lease term by notifying the Lessor and receiving his written consent. In the event of return of the vehicle prior to the expiry of the agreed lease term, there is no refund.

6. Fines / Penalties
All fines and administrative penalties incurred during the lease term are born by the Lessee.

7. Insurance
In the rental price ,simple insurance(for material damages and bodily injuries) of third parties is included . In case of accident the Lessee will be charged with the damages of the leased vehicle and the cost of the days that it will take for the vehicle to be repaired.

8. Coverage for Non-insured Amounts
The Lessee may minimize his responsibility for loss or damage caused to the leased vehicle through the purchase of Partial Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) whereby he legally participates in damage repair of the vehicle:
A. For vehicle categories A,B,C,E, the Lessee can minimize his responsibility for his legal share in any damage of the vehicle to 750 € by paying the amount of 12 € per rental day.
B. For vehicle categories D, F to 900 € by paying the amount of 16 € per rental day.
C. For vehicle category S to 300 € by paying the amount of 6 € per rental day.
D. For vehicle category G1 to 400 € by paying the amount of 7 € per rental day.
E. For vehicle categories M1, M2 to 400 € by paying the amount of 8 € per rental day.
F. For vehicle categories M3, M4, G2, G3 to 400 € by paying the amount of 10 € per rental day.
If the Lessee wishes to purchase Full Collision Damage Waiver (FDW), he is subject to an extra daily charge of 7 € for vehicle categories A,B,C,E and a charge of 9 € for vehicle categories D, F.
CDW and FDW insurance does not provide any coverage for damages provoked during the transportation of the vehicle by ship, partial or total theft, loss of its parts / accessories or personal property on or inside the vehicle, damages caused to it due to negligence, intent, natural disaster, terrorist act, breach of terms and conditions of this lease Agreement or violation of the provisions of the Greek Driving Code (KOK), damages caused to the vehicle keys, tires, mirrors, lower / upper part of cabin, inside the vehicle, loss of vehicle documents or registration plates.

9. Cancelation policy
In case of cancelation, up to 7 days before the delivery of the vehicle, the Lessee is charged only with 10 euro cancelation fine and from 7 up to 2 days with the 50 % of the deposit. In case of no show the arranged day and time for the delivery of the vehicle, without prior written or phone notice, the reservation will be cancelled after an hour and the full amount of the deposit will be held.

10. Reservations - Payment
Reservations are made with deposit into a bank account or with use of credit cards Visa, Maestro, American Express, Diners Club. The balance is possible also with cash.

11. Vehicle Transportation
Transporting the vehicle by rail, ship or another mode of transportation is prohibited without the prior written consent of the Lessor.

12. Price revaluation
The terms and prices of the pricelist may be modified without warning after relevant permission by the EOT.